Thank you so much for an amazingly powerful practice. Yi Jin Jing has turned out to be a practice I actually look forward to doing each day. I have tried other “mindfulness practices” that were helpful, but I did not stick with them. For a practice to be effective one has to actually do it! After practicing in the morning, I feel the positive effects of Yi Jin Jing through out the day.

–Kirke Olson

I am a total beginner with Qigong and signed up for your online course after seeing you at the Omega QiGong conference, my first experience. Your course has been absolutely fascinating for me and I am finding myself stronger and healthier in spite of a very busy schedule. Each week I have looked forward to the “new” organ, its meanings and exercise. Many thanks for an excellent program.

— Jane Godshalk

Taking this online class has been the best thing I’ve done for my body and mind in years. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the online format, as I’ve fallen out of online classes before. But with this one, I have maintained my enthusiasm all the way through. I think that has been because I have noticed benefits right from the beginning, and because I felt as if I’ve been part of a group, even though I’ve been home alone, and third, because through email and webinars, I’ve been able to ask questions and get helpful answers.

I have noticed improvements in my lung capacity, increases in strength, as measured by the weights I lift, sit-ups I do, and the bike rides I go on, and great improvement in my digestion and elimination. I feel more graceful when I walk. I feel good, happier and healthier. A more subtle benefit is that I like what I see when I look in the mirror now, which I didn’t before. People I haven’t seen in a while can’t wait to tell me I look good. I can’t define what’s different, or what has changed. It’s clear, however, that something has.

All this is just from the learning phase. I am very eager to see what changes occur after putting all the elements together and doing the whole practice for a longer period of time.

I am going to miss the class… Thank you, Sifu Robert, for offering this class.

–Donna Palomaki

Thank you for the great course. Every time I exercise I want to smile: it feels so good.

— Ellen Rado

Words can not describe how the qigong practice has transformed my life since I first picked up the book, The Master Key, from a library shelf almost three years ago.

Yi Jin Jing practice has ENHANCED my other qigong practices enormously. It has been sobering to watch how the body and mind can do apart as well as together.

Words can not describe how thankful I am to be taught by you whether through book, video, audio or life webinar. It is my sincere wish that more alike online classes will be made available in the near future. Thank you, Robert. You are a true Master.

— Opal Allen

First I would like to express my gratitude for teaching me wisdom and art of Qigong.

Yi Jin Jing made me much stronger on the inside and outside. I am much happier at work and at home. By releasing emotions and finding inner peace I feel that I am a better mom and have more patience with my children.

By the way, my 6 year old enjoyed practicing Xi Breathing with me :).

— Grazina Wolfe

I sincerely thank you for the indescribable YJJ course. I have been looking for my life for exactly this experience. I did the first day of the YJJ course late in the evening after a physically demanding whole-day percussion workshop. The next day I danced like from the nothing almost an hour (which I do not otherwise) because I was so full of energy that flowed through my whole being. New born comes to mind. A lot has changed for the better.

Your support from the distance and the group energy are essential helpful. I am taking the path with YJJ as stepwise development. I would like to repeat the YJJ course.

— Guenther Csucker

I met master Peng in 2013 and since then I have on my bucket list to go to his workshops, but my crazy schedule does not allow me to do that. This Yi Jin Jing course was exceptional and I cannot wait for the next one. Even though I had to use the archives most of the time, I found it very beneficial and well done. It is a great substitute for a real life workshop.

Thank you master Peng for such an outstanding job with this course!

— Elvira Chiritescu, MD

I love the Yi Jin Jing course! Since I moved out of NYC, I have not had an opportunity to take any of your qigong classes in-person. Offering this class online allowed me to reconnect with you and your wonderful teachings. I feel I truly am part of your community of students. The live webinars in which you answer questions from emails from participants are wonderful to go in-depth with your knowledge and your observations.

Thank you so much for your great passion and your amazing work to put this online course together!

Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your gift, Robert, Master Peng.

— Nancy Powers

The Yi Jin Jing class online is amazing. He has done an outstanding job putting it all together. He is very practical and I felt his presence with me every step of the way.

I was not able to attend the Webinars in real time, so I sent my questions by email ahead of time and he answered every single question I had. Thank you Robert and the many masters before you for sharing this valuable practice.

(I have been a Qigong practitioner for about 8 years).

— Cecilia Grespan

I want to express my most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you for your wonderful online Yi Jin Jing course. You are such a wonderful teacher. When a family member first told me about you and the online course, I was intrigued, excited, and yet also somewhat sceptical, but I really trusted his respect and appreciation for you, as he’s been practicing, and studying Qigong for decades. From the first class I knew this was something very special. It has been such a positive, and truly transformative experience.

I feel such a deep inner calm, peacefulness, and tranquility with the daily practice, and as the weeks went by I noticed I was feeling happier, calmer, more positive and joyful throughout each day. A co-worker even commented that she’d noticed this change. Throughout these 14 weeks I have felt so blessed and grateful to be participating in this course. I look forward to Yi Jin Jing every single day. I don’t know if I can fully express just how much this Yi Jin Jing course has changed my life and well-being. I’m sleeping better than I have in many years (from 1-2 hrs at a time, to 4, 5, even 8 or 9 hrs at a time…for the first time in 10 yrs!). I have energy in the evenings, my mood and spirits are lifted and light hearted. The course far surpassed any expectations I might have had. Thank you so much.

— Erica Beck

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated this wonderful online program. I loved my weekend workshop with you in the Berkshires learning the Yi Jin Jing…and having this opportunity to go through the practice in such detail was amazing. I feel very grateful to have found you as my teacher…I have been searching for a long time. I look forward to deepening my Yi Jin Jing practice in the months ahead….and am excited to continue to expand my studies of Qi Gong with you in the future.

— Mary Ellen Jay

My name is Steve Deak , 75 years old, and a retired Firefighter/Paramedic. I began practicing Qigong about 12 years ago. Mainly as exercise with some energy practices. I have never felt the energy as I have with YJJ. I would highly recommend YJJ and look forward to more of your online courses. I have over 20 years experience as an adult education instructor and can appreciate the time and effort that you have put into the YJJ course.

— Steve Deak

I have been practicing qigong for many years and I have found it to be of great benefit to my overall well being. But when I discovered Robert Peng’s Master Key QiGong course I was amazed at how much more powerful my Qigong practice became and how much better I felt. It was life altering. So much so that I hoped to one day attend one of Robert Peng’s class in person.

When I found out he was offering an on-line course I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Robert Peng teaches his Yi Jing Jing in a way that makes it easy to grasp and to remember so that when the teaching is over and the practice begins, you are fully prepared. He responded to every question that came up for me but most of it was covered in his live webinars. I started to notice the benefits to my well being during the learning phase.

I’ve only just begun my practice but I already feel the strength and power of the chi and the benefits to my well being – body mind and spirit. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, Robert.

— Smadar

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has made a huge difference to my energy levels and I have booked onto Master Robert Peng’s Qigong Healing course in October to be able to meet such an inspirational teacher in person. I look forward to many more courses and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.. Thanks so much love and light Darren UK : )

— Darren Plumb

The YJJ training I recently completed with Robert was more than I expected. The trainings were followed up with regular webinars which gave even more detailed explanation of what we had been working on, so if you missed anything or didn’t understand, it was easily picked up with this additional instruction.

I am still amazed at the profound effect YJJ practice has had on the emotional body. As with most energy work it is subtle, yet powerful. Most weeks after the main practice session I would experience the emotional release of the organ we were working on. Especially the lung, large intestine and liver. I love the Xi Breathing. This is one of the most calming breathing exercises I’ve ever done. YJJ is a practice I can see myself continuing for many years to come. I’ve been following Robert for sometime and am so glad to see some online training. I look forward to any future trainings Robert puts on that I can attend in person or online. Thank you Robert, that was one of those life changing trainings you don’t receive often.

— Rommie

Bless you for offerings this course. I plan to take it again in the fall. So enjoyed the energy of the group and your patience and encouragement in teaching. Will recommend it to my friends. It is a game changer.

— Zora Charles

After 19 weeks of doing Yi Jin Jing and Xi Breathing almost daily the benefits are continuing to emerge. I feel the qi flooding out from the palms of my hands continually and more significantly when I am working with patients. I actually “feel” the qi as solid when I do the Grand Closing action.

The Stretching the Tendons sequence has helped my posture.

Now I am frequently and naturally aware of aspects of qi during many routine daily routine activities and I call my awareness to it when I need more strength or energy.

I had a scurf ring around the outer edge of my iris which indicates an internal stagnation related to the skin and that has largely diminished. That change is just an indicator of the “unknown” internal changes the practice can produce.

— Alexandra Soteriou

I am enjoying the teaching and practice very much. The movements are all very invigorating and I feel like each organ is benefiting from the week-long focus.

— Dominique Licops

I am so glad that I decided to follow Robert Peng’s 14 week on line course. The Yi Jin Jing is a powerful series. I feel healthier in body mind and spirit compared to how I was when I started the class. The material is clearly presented and easy to follow. Robert brings your awareness to details that open healing vital energy flow. He is truly a gifted teacher. With Robert Peng’s guidance and insights you can develop a deep understanding of the practice. I am amazed at how well the teaching comes through from the computer screen. I feel like I am in the same room with him.

I am amazed by how much helpful information I have gotten about my own system through the process of practicing daily with the online support and company. I am a shiatsu practitioner and teacher, LMT in NY and a professional dancer, in my early 60s. I am getting stronger and more balanced and feel more joyful in my work. Each exercise is helping me to unwind tensions strengthening weak areas and relaxing ones that have been over working. What a blessing. I am looking forward to living and moving with greater ease of being as I continue to practice the Yi Jin Jing. I highly recommend this series to all. Whether you are someone who is new to Qigong or you have studied before, have experience with movement and the healing arts or not, in my opinion you will not be disappointed.

— Grazia Della-Terza

Your YJJ is just incredible. Feels like Star Wars Jedi training minus the lightsabers. Incredibly grateful and honored to be able to attend the online course.

— Alen Vrečko

I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful these last 14 weeks have been for me. You are such an excellent teacher; I so appreciate your warm authentic style and how your ability to translate complex Chinese ideas into tangible concepts has educated me about my own energetic form in new ways over these past 14 weeks. I now find myself transforming emotions into their positive form and bringing awareness to the associated organ. I feel empowered by having this new practice in my life that I hope to become proficient in over the years. Thank you for offering this course online- it has been a joy and I will miss your weekly lessons, webinars and group healings.

I hope one day to meet you and take a course with you in person.

— Kristina Beck

I want to thank you very much for teaching us Yi Jin Jing and Xi breathing.

I first learned Yi Jin Jing with you at Eastover and now I completed the on-line course. The on-line course has been a great review plus new learning with the organs and emotions and Xi breathing. I am very excited to keep practicing for many months to come.

I am looking forward to your continued teaching.

— Andres Aguirre