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Yi Jin Jing Summer 2018

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Become a Yi Jin Jing Ambassador

Dear Qigong Friends, Yi Jin Jing is one of my favorite practices that my master Xiaoyao taught me. Over the years it has proven to be of deep benefit to me as well as many of my students. I believe in the practice so much that I was inspired to offer Yi Jin Jing as my first online course, and I’ve been delighted since its recent launch that it has received such positive feedback from practitioners of all ages and levels of experience from over 24 countries from all around the world.

This enthusiastic response has now inspired me to create the Yi Jin Jing Ambassador Program, which is intended to open this special practice up to individuals who may have never heard of my teachings or even of Qigong itself.

To join the Yi Jin Jing Ambassador Program is simple. All you need to is just click the button of “I want to be a Yi Jin Jing Ambassador” and agree the terms after you register for the course. You will then receive an email which will provide you with the following items:

  1. Special 50% Discount Code. You can share this code to your friends to attend this course for only half the price.
  2. Yi Jin Jing Ambassador Code. This code is a link that directs your referrals to my website for them to learn more details. Anytime someone registers for this course through this code, I will share 50% of the registration fee with you in appreciation for your contribution of letting others know about this unique online program.
  3. Sample letter and tips to help you inform the course efficiently.

To qualify as an ambassador, you must REGISTER this 2018 summer course first, then you will get the notice about the Yi Jin Jing Ambassador Program in your account page.

If you feel called to become a Yi Jin Jing Ambassador, I thank you in advance for helping to spread the word about Yi Jin Jing.


Good Qi

Robert Peng


If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please finish your registration first. You will have an opportunity to enroll in the program after your registration is completed.